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H.E. Elbeiti

H.E. Abdel Moneim Mohamed Ahmed Osman Al-Bayti. The Ambassador, his Welcoming to the official Website of the Embassy...Read More

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عالم الآثار الألمانى فيلدونق يؤكد: إن الحضارة السودانية تسبق الحضارات العالمية بخمسة آلاف عام

dietrich wildungقطع البروفيسور ديترش فيلدونغ المتخصص فى الآثار السودانية والمدير العام الأسبق لمتحفى ميونخ وبرلين لفنون المصريات ان الحضارة السودانية القديمة سابقة لكل الحضارات الأخرى بخمسة آلاف عام بما فيها حضارة مصر الفرعونية وحضارات الشرق الأدنى والإغريق والرومان وإنتهاء بالحضارة الأوربية الحديثة... المزيد.

The warmth and the humanity of the Sudanese people are unique

Martin LejeuneWerner Daum is a retired university professor and a former German diplomat. Last December, he visited Sudan. In the following interview with German jour. ..Read More



Das Außenministerium verfolgte am Montag, dem 19. Oktober 2020, die Ankündigung von US-Präsident Donald Trump, den Sudan von der US-Liste der Länder zu streichen, die Terrorismus fördern...Read More
Dagalo discusses joint cooperation with Vice President of South Sudan


Khartoum, Nov. 17 (SUNA) – The First Vice President of the Transitional Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, met today in his office in the Republican Palace, Mr. Hussein Abdul-Bagi, Vice President of the Republic of South Sudan, in the presence of Mr. Deng Alor, the leader at the State of South Sudan, and discussed the bilateral relations and ways to support and develop prospects for joint cooperation between the two countries. Hussein Abdul-Bagi, congratulated in a press statement the Sudanese people on the occasion of the signing of the Juba Agreement for Sudan's Peace, expressing his hope that peace and stability would prevail throughout the country, calling for the need to preserve peace and unity adding that the meeting was an opportunity to meet with the Committee for Peaceful Coexistence between the Misseriya and Dinka Malwal especially since the two countries have common intermingling borders, saying that the problems facing the region were discussed, referring to the security breakdowns that occur in this region. He noted that 38 billion pounds had been paid to the Misseriya as blood money from the Dinka Malwal, which was provided by the First Vice-Chairman of the Transitional Sovereign Council, saying: "With this work we have turned over the page of the past and opened a new one in the border region, which represents a region of social intermingling between the Missiriya and the Dinka and between the Rizeigat and Nuer." "We are fellows and we know how to solve our problems," he added, pointing to the need to strengthen the role of the traditional administration in these areas to play its role in addressing these issues. He said that the two countries are working to open the tracks, indicating that his country's government has signed an agreement with the Ayat Roads and Bridges Company to establish a road linking Al-Meeram with the city of Wau, pointing to the directive of the President of South Sudan to build a hall to be named after leader Babu Nimer in appreciation for his role in promoting civil and social peace. He stressed that the two countries are determined to strengthen the security services operating in the border areas between the two countries to prevent any security breakdowns, expressing his thanks and appreciation to the Government of Sudan for its efforts in promoting peaceful coexistence between the citizens of the two countries in areas of social intermingling. On his part, the Acting Governor of West Kordofan, Hammad Fadulallah, said that the meeting discussed the axes of relationship between Sudan and the State of South Sudan in light of the current developments , the good relationship between the two countries, describing the meeting as fruitful and constructive. He said that the meeting stressed on the turning of the page of the past and the opening of a new page of peaceful coexistence between the citizens of Bahr al-Ghazal and the Mairam region in West Kordofan, asserting the need for the Traditional Administration to play an active role in framing the historical relationship between the two sides, indicating the two parties agreement for the formation of a joint peace committees under the auspices of the political leadership in the two countries to make the border strip a zone of intermingling, peaceful coexistence and the exchange of common benefits for the peoples of the two countries. ta

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شعار وزارة الصناعة والتجارةأصدر السيد وزير الصناعة والتجارة قراراً وزارياً رقم 57 لسنة 202م خاص بضوابط إستيراد السيارات المستعملة وضوابط استيراد السيارات بواسطة الوكلاء.وإليكم نص القرار

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Press release

The meetings of the second session of the Political Consultation Committee between Sudan and Poland were held on Thursday, February 27, 2020 in the buildings of the Ministry of GamaraldinForeign Affairs in the Polish capital...  More

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U.S. restrictions on Sudanese banks lifted fully: official

BillingsleaA visiting delegation from the U.S. Department of Treasury said all restrictions on banking transactions with Sudan have been lifted... Read More

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