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Jaber witnesses signing agreement for operation of Abu Amama port

Jaber witnesses signing agreement for operation of Abu Amama port

The member of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Ibrahim Jaber Ibrahim, witnessed at the Republican Palace the signing ceremony of the initial agreement for the development, management and operation of Abu Amama port on the Red Sea, and the special economic zone, between the government of Sudan and consortium of Abu Dhabi Ports Group and Invictus Investment.

The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Dr. Jibril Ibrahim, signed on behalf of the Sudan, and the managing director and Chief Executive Officer of the group, Mohammed Jumaa Al Shamsi, signed on behalf Abu Dhabi Ports Group, while businessman Osama Daoud signed on of the Invictus Investment Group.
The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning said, during his address to the signing ceremony, that the cost of the project amounts to 6 billion dollars on a distance of 200 km north of the city of Port Sudan, and it will give a strong bush to the Sudan’s economy and bring countless benefits to the country.
Dr. Jibril Ibrahim indicated that the project will be provided with the latest technology, pointing out that the project includes an industrial and a tourist areas, an international airport, a residential complex, internal roads, and a power station, in addition to the cultivation of 400,000 feddans in Abu Hamad agricultural project, besides its contribution to solving the water problem in Port Sudan and the mining areas the delivery of water from the Nile River.
The Minister of Finance affirmed that the port of Abu Amama will not be a rival to the port of Port Sudan, indicating that the state will work to develop and expand it during the next stage. On his part, CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports Group consortium, Mohammed Jumaa Al Shamsi, asserted that the signing of the initial agreement is considered one of the strategic partnerships between Sudan and the United Arab Emirates, indicating that it will represent a boost to economic relations for the benefit of the two brotherly peoples, stressing that the group will employ all its experiences for the project success. Mohammed Jumaa Al Shamsi said that the project will provide job opportunities for the Sudanese and will increase the volume of Sudan’s exports. Meanwhile, the representative of Invictus Investment Company, Eng. Mirghani Musa, said that the agreement which includes projects in various fields of development, will greatly contribute to serving the national economy and put Sudan on the track of development and progress. He noted that Abu Amama port is working to increase the capacity through berths and handling equipment with international specifications to receive large ships.
The signing ceremony of the initial agreement at the Republican Palace today was attended by the acting ministers of transport, investment, industry, roads and bridges, the minister of justice, the Federal Gogvernance Chamber, the acting governors of River Nile and Red Sea states, and the acting undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of the state’s officials.