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Council of Arab Economic Unity calls for investment in Sudan to realize food security

Council of Arab Economic Unity

The Secretary-General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity, Ambassador Mohammedi Ahmadi al-Ni affirmed the secretariat steady steps and hard work to achieve the Arab food security in light of the economic, social crises and climate changes, encouraging the private sector to invest in Sudan and to activate not implemented projects for the benefit of the Arab peoples. During his address yesterday, at the Friendship Hall in Khartoum, the 144 th session of the regular meeting of the Council of Economic Unity, under the slogan (Towards Closer Cooperation to a Sustainble Arab Food Security).
The Secretary-General pointed to the available factors for achieving Arab food security in Sudan, represented in fertile agricultural lands, water resources, manpower, competence and rich experience, and a distinguished strategic location among the Arab countries, which qualify the achieving of great return, in addition to the resolution of many issues, the legislative reforms, and the steps taken address the obstacles that hinder the work of Arab private sector and foreign investors and, the adoption of a clear policies to improve the national economy, especially partnership between the public and private sectors. He expected the council’s meetings issuance of a document bearing the name (Khartoum Declaration for Arab Food Security) to be a reference and implementation document for the reality and future of Arab food security, and to positively contribute to the work of Arab governmental and non-governmental economic forums. He indicated: “We aspire to achieve strong economic partnerships through this session that becomes a good opening for a new and organized approach in joint Arab action.”, stressing the need for revision of economic and development issues facing the Arab countries, besides the will to issue decsions, and development strategic projects aim at encouraging investment and raise the standard of living, providing job opportunities, advancing the economic performance of the Arab region.
He asserted the importance of preserving the Arab depth as the most important challenge, indicating keenness of the Council of Arab Unity unity among the Arab countries in light of the economic blocs and the era of globalization.
On his part, Dr. Saif Al-Jabri, the Head of the Specialized Arab Federations, said that the diversified and specialized economic unit translates into projects.
He pointed to the federation’s intellectual wealth that direct its work for the development of the Arab world, especially investment in Sudan, indicating the need for security and experiences for the investment. He added that the federations should be one hand and supported by the Arab countries, expressing his thanks to Sudan for opening the door to Arab food investment, asserting importance of the federations’ unity, and the Arab countries support, extending thanks to the Sudan’s government for opening the door for the investment for Arab food security.