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 Very Important هام جداً 

Daglo Affirms Important Role of Universities in Achieving Peace and Stability


Genaina, June 20 (SUNA) – Vice – President of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, Gen. Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, has underscored the important role of the universities in achieving peace and stability and informing the society about dangers of tribalism and regionalism. Addressing the students of the University of Genaina, in the presence of the members of the Transitional Sovereignty Council Dr. Al-Hadi Idris and Al-Taher Hajar, Gen. Daglo affirmed the state keenness to support the universities. He called on the students to form committees from all the university faculties to sit with all the components in Genaina to discuss the causes of disputes and to find permanent solutions for them and to urge the people to forget the bitterness of the past and to surpass differences and disputes.
Daglo pointed out that he and the accompanying delegation have come from Khartoum to find solutions for all the tribal issues and problems in West Darfur State, indicating that they will return to Khartoum without solving these problems. He called on the students to be aware about the plots being woven by elements from outside the country, stressing that the public interest shall be elevated and that the displaced persons shall be helped to return voluntarily to their home areas, adding that the joint forces will protect the returnees. The Vice – President of the Sovereignty Council also called for refrain from tribalism, regionalism and hatred to the other. He pledged to establish a modern and large hall and an integrated laboratory for the University of Genaina, in addition to 10 administrative vehicles and two buses for the students’ transport, enhancing the housing complexes and 10 opportunities for master degree abroad. MO