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قرارات بنك السودان المركزي حول توحيد سعر صرف العملة السودانية

- في ظل إنفتاح السودان على العالم الخارجي، وإعادة إندماج الإقتصاد السوداني مع المؤسسات الإقتصادية الدولية، وفي ظل السياسات الجديدة لحكومة الفترة الإنتقالية الخاصة بدعم وتشجيع السودانيين العاملين بالخارج لزيادة إرتباطهم الإيجابي بالسودان، أصدر بنك السودان المركزي بتاريخ 21 فبراير 2021م، عدداً من القرارت الخاصة بتوحيد سعر صرف العملة السودانية وذلك بهدف الإرتقاء بالإقتصاد السوداني عبر إستقرار سعر الصرف، وتشجيع الإستثمار، وجذب التتحويلات المالية من الخارج. .. للمزيد

Joint Campaign to Eradicate Poliomyelitis to Beging Sunday

Joint Campaign to Eradicate Poliomyelitis to Beging Sunday

Medeni, June 19 (SUNA) The joint campaign to eradicate measles, poliomyelitis and vitamin A deficiency will begin on June 23 and continue to the second of July. The Director General of the Ministry of Health in al- Gazera State, Dr. al- Nur Mohamed Ab-dulla during his chairmanship to the meeting of the campaingn’s higher committee announced that the year 2019 has witnessed a great concern with the basic health care programs, where the immunization program is the most important out of the existing health situation. Dr. al- Nur has hailed the efforts of the partners and the related entities in the success of the previous campaigns in the state, calling for the need to deal wisely with the recipients of the service, and expressed hope that the joint campaign would achieve the desired goal. On his part, the Director of the Expanded Immunization Department in the state, Kamel al-Fadil, said that the campaign aims to achieve coverage of at least 95% measles vaccine for children aged 9 months to 10 years, and with no polio cases. He added that the measles eradication campaign targets 1,648,309 children, and the vaccination against polio targets (939,928) children, in addition to (825,269) childern targeted for the deficiency of vitamin A, pointing out that the campaign will be implemented through three fixed stations, mobile teams and sub-centers. ta

Pressestatements der Kanzlerin und des Premierministers der Republik Sudan, Abdalla Hamdok

Der Sudan befinde sich an einem historischen Wendepunkt, betonte Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel beim Besuch des sudanesischenHamdok Merkel Premierministers Abdalla Hamdok in Berlin...  More

Press release

The meetings of the second session of the Political Consultation Committee between Sudan and Poland were held on Thursday, February 27, 2020 in the buildings of the Ministry of GamaraldinForeign Affairs in the Polish capital...  More

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