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The Republic of Sudan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Office of the Spokesperson and Media


Press Statement

Once again, the Janjaweed militia demonstrates its terrorist nature with its declared attack on a number of safe villages and neighbourhoods east of Al-Gazeera State, which are devoid of any military targets. The agression has terrorized innocent citizens of the said sites, led to a large displacement of people, and threatened humanitarian activities and workers. It worth noting that the State of the Al-Gazeera and its capital Wad-Madani hosts large numbers of internally displaced people because of the war in Khartoum. According to international law, any attack on displaced persons sites constitutes a crime against humanity and can be prosecuted under the international criminal jurisdiction.

The targeting of Al-Gazeera State comes as an extension of the atrocities of the Militia in Khartoum and the States of Darfur and Darfur Kordofan , where crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, sexual violence, and attacks on camps of displaced people were committed. These atrocities have been condemned by the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Government of the United States of America, the European Union, among others , and documented by international organizations and Media which provided overwhelming and horrifying testimonies about the atrocities committed by the militia.

In this connection, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the condemnation of the latest agreesion by the Permanent Representative of the United States to the United Nations , and her affirmation that the perpetrators of terrorist acts will be accountable. The position expressed by the US Senetor Chris Coons, member of the Senet Foreign Relations Committee against the attack is also commendable.
The Ministry, meanwhile, renews its call for the international community to classify the Janjaweed militia as a terrorist group, criminalize the provision of any form of assistance or support to it, from any party, and to consider such a party as a partner of the Militia in responsibility for terrorist acts, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing .

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stresses the special responsibility of the United Nations Security Council in fulfilling its obligation in checking the Militia's terrorism, given its perceived moral inconsistency in this regard, resulting from the fact that one of its non-permanent members, is a complicit in the continued agreesion crime on Sudan and is accountable on an equal footing as the Janjaweed terrorist militia.