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++++ A T T E N T I O N +++ This is to inform you that the Embassy remains closed from Monday 17 June 2024 to Friday 21 June 2024 in observance of Eid Al-Adha Elmubark. +++ +++ Die Botschaft der Republik Sudan in Berlin teilt mit, dass die Botschaft von Montag, den 17. Juni 2024 bis Freitag, den 21. Juni 2024 anlässlich des Aid Aladha Almubark geschlossen bleibt.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Office of the Spokesperson and Media Directorate
Press Statement

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the latest international condemnations of the ongoing atrocities by the rebel Militia, particularly in West Darfur State. These include condemnations issued by the UN High Commission for Human Rights, and a joint statement by the Governments of the United States, the United Kingdom, and Norway. In addition, international media outlets, such as CNN, the New York Times, and the World Street Journal, have documented shocking testimonies of victims of ethnic cleansing and the atrocities perpetrated by the Militia.
The 17th November statement by the Spokesperson of the High Commission for Human Rights expressed shock at reports and witness testimonies about the ethnically motivated attacks and massacres carried out by the Janjaweed rebel militia and its allied militias in West Darfur State. According to the statement these atrocities claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians from the Masalit community, within a few days, with many of the victims being executed on the spot or burned alive.
The statement further highlighted other atrocities committed by the rebel RSF Militia, including torture, rape, and sexual violence against women and girls during raids on camp of the IDPs as well as residential neighbourhoods in Adramta. Those who fled Adramta had not been spared; they were chased, tortured and killed. Their bodies were mutilated and dumped in the open. Moreover, houses and properties were demolished or burned after being looted and pillaged. Characterizing these acts as flagrant violation of International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law, the statement renewed the call of the High Commissioner Volker Türk to the leadership of the rebel Militia to immediately stop killing, violence and hate speech targeting civilians with ethnic motives.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs renews its condemnation in the strongest terms of the crimes and atrocities of the rebel Militia and its horrific violations of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law and the Geneva Conventions and their relevant protocols in the states of West Darfur, Central Darfur, North Darfur, North Kordofan and Khartoum. Furthermore, while appreciating the successive condemnations by the High Commission for Human Rights and other international competent parties, the Ministry calls on the United Nations and the international community at large to act beyond mere statements of condemnation to classify this rebel militia as a terrorist group.