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Minister of Health praises initiatives of international and national organizations in completing deficiencies

 Minister of Health praises initiatives of international and national organizations in completing deficiencies

The Acting Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim lauded the initiatives and participation of national and international organizations in completing deficiencies and joint coordination with the federal and state ministries of health in integrating efforts in masterful mechanisms as well as their rapid response, referring to the coordination in health work for the states of Darfur and the displaced in Chad, stressing the role of the Federal Ministry of Health in leading the health system and health services in the country.
The minister praised the response of the international and national organizations working in Sudan, as they seek with the ministry to complete the deficiencies and bridge the gaps.
This came during a meeting on coordination of the health work in the states of Darfur and the displaced in Chad Thurdday in the Cabinet Hall at the Red Sea State, in the presence of the Minister of Health and Social Welfare in the Darfur region, Babiker Hamadain, United Nations, international and national organization. He pointed out to the size of the problem and the great challenges facing health work in the five states of Darfur, especially the security challenges, and the significant deterioration of the health system in a number of the states and in the states of Central and West Darfur, in particular, drawing attention to the large numbers of displaced people in Chad, and the difficulty of delivering medical supplies to these states. The minister explained that despite the difficulties, there is a drug supply that has reached the region, in addition to the retoration of medical services to the states of Darfur. The minister revealed that the most important recommendations that came out of the meeting was the need for joint coordination between the government, international and national organizations in joint work to provide information from the field and ways to deliver supplies through joint mechanisms, in addition to supporting the internal health system in the region, especially since health personnel work in very difficult conditions, reminding the importance of speeding up in providing supplies before the fall season and the necessity to establish follow-up mechanisms. For his part, the Minister of Health and Social Welfare in the Darfur Region Dr. Babikir Hamadain explained that the health conditions were very complicated, pointing to the decline in the level of health services provision due to the deterioration of security conditions that prevented the incoming of the drug supply and the medical staff working to provide the service, stressing that the intervention of the Federal Ministry of Health and some organizations contributed to the re-operation of health institutions in the Darfur region, explaining that it has been agreed on the necessity of cooperation in order to provide medical services to citizens in the states of Darfur. The representative of the organizations, Director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Office in Sudan, Dr. Nima Saeed Abed, explained that the organizations were working hand in hand with the Federal Ministry of Health, and direct coordination with it to deliver supplies, announcing that the need is very great, pointing out that the focus now is on rapid intervention, adding that the damage that occurred in the health sector needs another plan, pointing to the need for security to deliver assistances, stressing that there is great coordination between the organizations to provide services to citizens.