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Khartoum ..expectancy to Friends of Sudan coming meeting

Khartoum expectancy to Friends of Sudan coming meeting

Translated by: Belgees Fagier, Khartoum, 4,11,2019 (SUNA)- The mission of achieving economical Developments in Sudan requires great efforts to come in line with the International Community and its finance and economical institutions and accordance with challenges that happened in Sudanese economy since last three decades and which impacted on structures of the economic growth.  Visit of finance minister Dr. Al- Badawi to Washington came in line with exerting more efforts with the International community to lift U S A sanctions on Sudan and remove Sudan’s name from States Sponsors Terrorism List. Capital Khartoum and Observers expect that coming meetings may result in the good news to pull the Sudanese economy from the narrow channel of crises and restore its position among success regional economies.
  Friends of Sudan fourth meeting convened in Washington and headed by US Undersecretary ministry of foreign affairs David Heel , US Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Tibor Nagy and minister of Finance Dr. Ibrahim Al-badawi and participation of the group members that include Germany, France, Norway, from Europe and Saudi Arabia, Emirate, Qatar and Egypt from Arabic countries beside United Nation, Europe union , African Union, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and African Development Bank. Sweden, Italy, and Finland have partaken as observers. The participants agreed Arrears clearance in international financial institutions, debt relief, and access to concessionary funding will be key to Sudan’s sustained economic growth.
  A number of partners raised the issue of the United States’ State Sponsor of Terrorism (SST) designation of the Government of Sudan and its impact on arrears clearance at international financial institutions, access to concessional funding, and international investment. The United States noted that it has begun engagement with the Government of Sudan on the requirements for potential recession of Sudan’s SST designation. As they appreciated progress in peace talks between the transitional government and Armed groups and encouraged all Parties to participate, especially Peace was a fundamental objective of the popular revolution. As well as they confirmed on the priority of holding the next round of negotiations in a Sudanese-Sudanese forum in Khartoum and warned against spoilers who refuse to participate in this unique opportunity to address the root causes of Sudan’s internal conflicts. The group also expressed support for a new African Union mandate for the peace negotiations. More over, Friends of Sudan group expressed their support to the transitional government and the Sudanese finance minister two- tracks plan to reform the Sudanese economy. The first track aims to mobilize local and international sources to create fast improvement in social services and Youth appointments, while the second track will direct to implement reforms and build a strong base for longer-term development. Participants in the meeting asserted on the necessity of acknowledge Sudanese people on the government’s efforts and plans to achieve reforms. And coordinate between transitional government and partners via sharing information on kinds of Assistance that they need next year.  Besides, They agreed a multi-donor trust fund may be an appropriate mechanism to support Sudan’s economic reform program, particularly the need for a more robust social safety net program to cushion the impact of macro-economic reforms on Sudanese in dire poverty. And reassured the importance of permanent securing to unfettered humanitarian access.

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