TSPRC Completes Preparation to Celebrate World’s Drugs Day

Rihab Shabo

Khartoum, June27 (SUNA) - Hayat for Treatment, Social and Psychological Rehabilitation Center (TSPRC) has completed arrangements to celebrate World Day for Combating Drugs. The celebration program includes implementation of a number of activities such as enlighten-ing public, provides guidance, rehabilitation and hold of training workshops, targeting cadres working in the field. The Hayat, TSPRC Manager Rihab Shabo, said the Center celebrates World Day for combating drugs annually. She said, this year the celebration would witness the launching of Hayat Foundation for Pro-tection and Rehabilitation. Rihab explained that the Foundation is considered an integrated firm specialized in combating drugs and alcohol addiction. This, according to Rihab is done through presenting quality studies and research, enlightening programs and protection services. She added the Foundation aimed at providing treatment services and integrated rehabilitation for patients who suffer flusters and addiction. Hayat’s TSPRC manager stated that the Foundation includes specialized divisions under su-pervision of experts and consultants. The divisions are to provide inclusive services in the field of medical assessment and removal of toxics, rehabilitation and follow-up, Rihab said. Moreover Rihab assured the involvement of the family in the follow-up program.  AA