Jaber: Agriculture is the only way out of the crisis

Jaber Agriculture is the only way out of the crisis

Khartoum, Dec. 17 (SUNA) - Major General Ibrahim Jaber, a member of the Transitional Sovereign Council, has affirmed that the state is in the process of reviewing investment laws and issuing a new law that encourages the flow of investment to the country, referring to the importance of controlling the foreign presence in the country. He told journalists, Tuesday, in the Republican Palace that agriculture represents the country’s only way out of the current economic crisis, indicating to the existence of economic threats that must be addressed, top of which, is the high rate of unemployment and smuggling of goods across borders. Jaber pointed out that the government continues to support strategic commodities such as wheat, fuel, and life-saving medicines despite the high cost of these commodities globally. He pointed out that the success achieved by the summer season motivated farmers to enter the winter season with a high morales. IF/IF