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USA: Office of Foreign Assets Control publishes list of entities removed from the ban list

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The Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) on Monday issued a statement reaffirming the continuation by the government of South Sudan in providing assistance and in fully hosting and backing the Sudanese rebel movements.
The statement affirmed that since last Wednesday and up to past Saturday the President of South Sudan and his First Vice President along with their executive and security leaders, continued intensive meetings with leaders of the rebel Northern sector and that the information coming out of those meetings indicate that there is a push to prolong the war in the Sudan.
The statement has warned south Sudan's government from continuing its intervention in the domestic affairs of the Sudan and calling on Juba to work for remedying the tragic war in South Sudan which suffers from lack of food and hunger that hit most areas of that country.
It reminded that the Sudan has opened its doors for the South Sudan government and extended a helping hand since the secession, a backing that took the form of support and assistance including the humanitarian assistance to the citizens of South Sudan undergoing such somber conditions, adding that the Sudan has opened up its borders allowing hundreds of thousands of South fleeing hunger and conflicts in their home areas to enter the Sudan.
Hereunder the full unofficial translation of the statement: -
A statement from the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) on the intervention of South Sudan state into the domestic affairs of the Sudan.
The government of Sudan has not seized extending white hands in support and assistance to the government of South Sudan since the time of secession and at all critical stages it has passed through including the humanitarian assistance to the citizens of the state of south Sudan during the dire circumstances through which their country is passing and Sudan opened up its borders allowing hundreds of thousands of those escaping the flames of kiln of war and hunger but the government of south Sudan responded to this humane attitude by continuing to expand provision of full support , hosting and backing for the Sudanese armed movements as reported and documented by information, including reports by the United Nations.
In this context, as of last Wednesday and until Saturday the 22nd of April, the President of South Sudan and his First Vice President along with a number of executive and security establishment leaders, to hold intensive meetings with the leaders of the so-called Northern Sector in Juba. The information leaked from those meeting affirmed that they push for the prolongation of the war in Sudan.
We were surprised how a President and the First Vice President of a country-despite the spreading war in their country and despite its witnessing food shortage that hits all areas of the country, have not maintained as objective a focus on efforts to resolve their internal affairs but, rather, work to set ablaze the flame of sedition in our country which endeavors to eclipse the page of war that was fanned by sinful foreign hands.
We, cautioning and drawing attention to this flagrant intervention (in Sudan's domestic affairs), warn the Government of South Sudan and call on it to immediately cease all types and forms of intervention into the internal affairs of our country.

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