ArabSummitJordPresident of the Republic, Omer Al Bashir announced Sudan’s unlimited support to the two states solution in Palestine. He stressed the importance of boosting the unity and reconciliations besides achieving the aspiration of the Palestinian people in an independent state.
Al Bashir said as he addressed the annual Arab League summit on Wednesday that Sudan aspires to boost the regional and international coordination and understanding for the benefit of the Palestinian cause. He reiterated Sudan stances toward the crisis of the Arab area especially full support to the Yemen under the presidency of Abu Rabo Mansour Hadi to achieve stability in Yemen.
Al Bashir affirmed Sudan’s support to the Libyan Presidential Council under Faiz Al-Sarraj emphasizing the importance of reaching a political settlement in Libya far from the military resolutions and foreign interventions.On the Syrian issue, Al Bashir reiterated Sudan stance on reaching peaceful solution to preserve the unity of Syria.He expressed hope that peace and security dominate Iraq. He condemned the terrorist actions targeting Bahraini Kingdom.
He congratulated the Somali President-elect, calling for unifying the efforts to confront the consequences of draught and famine.
Al Bashir thanked the Arab leaders for their supportive stances towards Sudan, looking for their support in making the Arab Conference for Sudan Reconstruction and Development which will be held by the end of the year a success.
He pointed out to a formation of a mechanism to follow up the outcomes of the summit, announcing a high level committee to coordinate with the mechanism, affirming Sudan’s readiness to receive more Arab investment in agriculture to achieve the Arab Food Security Initiative.Al Bashir said that Sudan is looking for joint effort to lift its name from the list of terrorism sponsoring states.
He said that Sudan is now living a comprehensive national reconciliation and a new government will be formed after the appointment of the Prime Minister recently.
For his part Jordanian King said as he opened the annual Arab League summit on Wednesday that peace will not be achieved in the Middle East if a Palestinian state is not created. “We won’t allow the division of Al-Aqsa,” continued the Jordanian king. “We will maintain our hold on it and follow what is happening.” Regarding the Israeli construction in the West Bank, he said that it threatens the prospects of peace: “Israel continues to expand the settlements and this harms the prospects of reaching an agreement.”
The Arab League leaders are planning to adopt the Palestinians’ main conditions for future peace negotiations during the summit. The Arab leaders are expected to dedicate a considerable amount of the summit’s focus to the Palestinian question ahead of Abbas’ trip to Washington next week. The leaders’ expected adoption of the core conditions of the Palestinian Authority is an attempt to show that the end of the conflict and the establishment of a Palestinian state are non-negotiable preconditions for any normalization effort between Israel and the Arab world.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told the summit that the plight of the Palestinian people remained the "longest open wound in the region" and reaffirmed his commitment to a two state solution, saying there was "no plan B".
Saudi Arabia’s King Salman told the summit that the Syrian "people were subjected to killing and displacement" in the seventh year of the country’s civil war. The king endorsed a political settlement to the conflict.
Meanwhile, Al Bashir met, on the sideline of the summit each of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman Bib Abdul Aziz and the Egyptian President, Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi where the bilateral relations were discussed.