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Information für die Zahlung der Visa- und anderer Konsulatsgebühren +++ Die Botschaft der Republik Sudan bittet ab Erste Oktober 2018 um Zahlung sämtlicher Gebühren unter Angabe des Verwendungszweckes (Visum, Bescheinigung usw.) und des Namens auf das folgende Konto bei der Berliner Sparkasse... +++ From First October on and with immediate effect, the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan kindly requests payment of any fees, clearly mentioning the purpose of the payment (visa, certification etc) and the name to the following account at Berliner Sparkasse

President Al-Bashir and Tunisian Prime Minister Hold Talks at Guest House


President of the Republic, Omer Al-Bashir, and the visiting Tunisian Prime Minister, Dr. Yousif Al-Shahid, Wednesday evening held talks at the Guest House.
In a press statement, the Tunisian Prime Minister said that his country will sign on Thursday 20 agreements on cooperation with Sudan in the economic, industrial, health and agricultural fields.
He said that the private sectors and businessmen in the two countries will meet for more cooperation and coordination.
Dr. Al-Shahid has affirmed that the leaders in the two countries are sharing a strong will to reactivate implementation of all the already signed agreements and those that will be signed.
He pointed out that his country will coordinate with the Sudanese side to reactivate the air line between Sudan and Tunisia toward boosting implementation of the cooperation programs between the two countries.
He referred to the capability of Tunisia to help marketing the Sudanese products in Europe.
Meanwhile, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Kamal-Eddin Ismail, said that the visiting Tunisian President and the accompanying delegation will take part in the meetings of the joint higher Sudanese - Tunisian ministerial committee which did not meet since 10 years.
He said that the President of the Republic was briefed by the Tunisian Prime Minister on the political developments in Tunisia and the region.
He pointed out that the two sides are sharing identical points of view on the means to realize security and stability at the region.
Ambassador Ismail indicated that the President of the Republic has informed the Tunisian Prime Minister on the political developments in the Sudan.

Foreign Minister some media in Egypt seek to mar relations between the two countriesghandour1

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ibrahim Ghandour, has stressed that relations between the Sudan and Egypt stand out as special with bonds history, neighborhood and blood binding them together but some media tend to mar them.
In a statement to the Sudan news agency the minister said with regards to the campaign led by some media outlet against the Sudan, contacts are continuing with the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Egypt about the attitude of the Egyptian media, saying the two sides have to show keenness of placing their joint relations in their right context.
He said there are some urgent questions such as the issue of Halaib and the presence of Sudanese opposition in Egypt as well as other issues that have to be resolved in a frank and clear manner.
The Minister referred to the joint statement issued on the need to halt that campaign, saying they would continue with this stand despite the fact that some people have vested agenda that might target the Egyptian interests, expressing hope that the attack campaign would stop.
With regard to Halaib, the minister underlined that Sudan possess documents and that the issue has to be resolved either directly or through arbitration, saying this is the Sudanese position on the issue.

U.S. diplomat visits Sudan’s Red Sea State

U.S.ChargédAffairesStevenKoutsisIn an uncommon visit by a Western diplomat to the Red Sea State, the U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Steven Koutsis is visiting the eastern Sudan area to discuss U.S.-Sudan relation with the local leaders, business representatives, academics, and civil society.
"During the visit, the delegations will tour Port Sudan’s major commercial sites, speak to visitors of U.S. Embassy Khartoum’s “American Corner” located at the Port Sudan Public Library; visit with students and faculty at Red Sea University, and tour major historic and natural conservation sites including Suakin Island and Sanganeb Marine National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site," said a statement released by the American embassy in Khartoum.
Once a close ally of the United States in the region, relations between the east African nation and the U.S. have been marred by tough economic embargo and accusations of support to terror groups, for almost twenty years.
American diplomats in Khartoum, however, worked during the past years to engage the Sudanese people in a bid to improve the image of their country distorted by repeated criticism of the American administration by the negative impact of the sanctions.
The recent, improvement in bilateral ties and the partial suspension of sanction contributed largely to create a suitable atmosphere paving the way towards normalisation of bilateral relations and better engagement with Sudanese people.

The embassy said the United States seeks opportunities to strengthen its cultural, educational, and business partnerships in Red Sea state pointing that the port city, Port Sudan, is one of the largest commercial and trade hubs in the region.

Ghandour discuss peace in Sudan with Cater CenteEmirates

Ghandour2The Sudanese Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour and John Goodman Conflict Resolution Program’s associate director for Africa at Carter Center Wednesday discussed the ongoing efforts to bring peace in Sudan and achieve democratic reforms.

The Carter Center has an old relation with the Sudanese government, as it kept working in different humanitarian programmes including Guinea worm cease-fire in 1995. Also, it brokered an agreement between Sudan and Uganda in 1999 to cooperate in the ant-LRA fight and remained closely involved in the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005.
In a statement released after the meeting, the foreign ministry said Ghandour briefed Goodman on the steps taken to implement the recommendations of the National Dialogue Conference on the democratic transition in the country.
The minister also explained the government positions in the African Union-brokered peace process with the armed groups, pointing to the government acceptance of U.S. humanitarian proposal to deliver medical assistance to civilians in the conflict-affected areas in the Blue Nile and South Kordofan States.
Recently, it was purported that the Carter Center was working to normalise relations between Sudan and United States, as the two countries are engaged in a process that should lead to the partial left of sanctions next July.
According to the statement, Goodman stressed the readiness of the Center to continue its efforts to support the peace process in Sudan.
He further pointed out that "President Carter is keen to meet Sudanese officials when they visit the United States to listen to their views on issues of peace in the country," the foreign ministry said.
Last year, Carter received Sudanese officials who visited Washington within the government efforts to convince the White House to remove the economic embargo.

Ramadan to begin on May 27, says scholar

Ramadan2017The fasting month of Ramadan will start this year on Saturday, May 27, and will last for 29 days, local daily Al-Madina reported on Tuesday, quoting a statement by Sheikh Abdullah Bin Sulaiman Al-Manie, member of the Council of Senior Scholars.
Al-Manie said the month of Shaaban, which precedes Ramadan in the Islamic calendar, would have 30 days.
The Eid Al-Fitr will fall on Sunday, June 25, with the fasting month ending on Saturday, June 24, he said. The scholar’s statement was based on astronomical calculations for the beginning and end of Islamic months for Makkah.


Sudan Elected as Deputy Chairman of UN NGOs Committee


Sudan has been elected as Deputy Chairman of the United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations Committee to represent the African Group .
The Second Secretary at the Sudan permanent mission to the UN, Hassan Idris, was elected to fill the position.
The 19-state committee, which includes five African countries, is assigned to look into the application of the NGOs worldwide to be consultant in the UN Economic and Social Council .

World Bank: Sudan could become rich when US sanctions are lifted

CarolynTurk WorldBank

The World Bank Country Director for Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan, Carolyn Turk, said on Monday that Sudan could become a “rich country” after the US sanctions have been lifted, Anadolu reported.
In a statement issued by the Sudanese Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, Turk said that she expected the poor in the country could become “producers.” In January, the US decided to lift its 20-year sanctions on Sudan, but kept the country on the list of “states sponsoring terrorism”. It also maintained military sanctions.
Sudan has been trying to tackle poverty through direct support for a network of social welfare projects in addition to offering a government-run micro- finance project providing small-loans for the poor. The latest official statistic show that 46.4% Sudanese live under poverty line, Anadolu said.
Sudan is one of the few countries which has confirmed reserves of more than 30 minerals, including gold. Last year, the country produced 93.4 tons of gold.
“This is a critical moment for Sudan’s development efforts,” said Turk. “We at the World Bank look forward to supporting Sudan in seizing the opportunities that are now on the horizon,” she added.
Turk also praised the Sudanese cooperation with the World Bank. “We appreciate the openness of the Sudanese authorities to our technical assistance and policy advice and look forward to continuing our dialogue in Washington at the Spring Meetings,” she said.
The World Bank’s Spring meetings discussing Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia and are scheduled to begin from 21th-23rd of next month.

American Charge d'Affaires Inspects American Section at State Library in Port-Sudan


The American Charge d'Affaires to Sudan, Steven Koutsis, has inspected the American section at the State's Library in Port-Sudan in the context of his current visit to the Red Sea State. He affirmed the commitment of Sudan and the United States to provide quality education toward building a prosperous society. He affirmed the American Embassy's readiness to support the State's Library in Port-Sudan.
The American Charge d'Affaires indicated that the American Section is considered a centre for information and enhancing the skills in the English language.
He said that the embassy looks forward for cooperation with the people of east Sudan and establishing partnerships that are helping to the two sides.

FVP to Address the 2nd Annual Sudan International Mining Business Forum and Exhibition


First Vice President of the Republic, National Prime Minister, Bakri Hassan Saleh will address the inaugural session of the 2nd Annual Sudan International Mining
Business Forum and Exhibition on 29 March, with the participation of 29 foreign companies, 36 local ones and countries and 100 foreign dignitaries.
Minister of Minerals, Ahmed Mohamed Al-Sadiq Al-Karouri said that the second annual comes while the country is looking forward after the end of the national dialogue, and the beginning of the procedures for forming a national accord government, in addition to a partial lifting of economic sanctions imposed by the US administration.
The minister stressed, in a press statement, that the forum aims to enlighten and promote Sudan's mineral potential, in addition to benefiting from modern technologies in the exploration and extraction of metals, pointing out to the interest and intention to invest in minerals in Sudan, expecting that the forum to be an indication of openness to all countries in the world.
He revealed a program accompanying the said forum that aims to introduce the potential of Sudan’s tourism and to stand on tourist areas in the country and the civilization of Sudan, stressing to benefit from the forum to introduce added value to Sudanese metals through foreign participated companies, indicating that Sudan is turning into a mineral state, where minerals are found in all states of Sudan, revealing the existence of 461 companies working in the field of minerals in Sudan, noting that many companies proved the existence of all types of minerals in country.
For his part, Director General of the General Authority for Geological Research, Dr. Mohamed Abu Fatima said that Sudan has become an investment front in all sectors, noting that the mining sector represents 40% of Sudan's exports and occupies the second position of Africa in terms of minerals, noting that there are a large number of foreign companies wishing to invest in the country in the mining sector, pointing out that invitation to participate in the forum addressed to all large companies working in this area, pointing out that there are contacts with US companies to enter in the mining sector investment, revealing the existence of mining blocks ready for investment, especially after the lifting of partial economic sanctions on Sudan.


Poet Rawdha Al Haj Honored on the Mother’s Day


Dar Al Mustaqbal Organization for Electronic Publishing has honored the Sudanese poet Rawdha Al Haj on the Mother’s Day as part of the concern of the organization on enhancing culture among children, youth and family.
The Executive Director of the organization, Dr. Howaida Suliman, addressing a celebration held on the occasion, expressed thanks to the renowned poet, Rawdha Al Haj, referring to the many prizes and titles Rawdha achieved for Sudan.
Rawdha, on her part, hailed the efforts of the Secretary General of the organization, Abdelbasit Abdelmagid, and its members in developing the skills and capacities of children, youth and the family via electronic publishing, presenting a poem as a gift for all mothers of Sudan.
Dar Al Mustaqbal Organization for Electronic Publishing operates in the field of culture among children, youth and the family. It targets availing these categories with the instruments of knowledge and technology.