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++++ A C H T U N G ++++ +++ Sehr geehrte Besucher der Botschaft, die Botschaft teilt mit, dass die Konsularabteilung der Botschaft der Republik Sudan in Berlin ab Montag, den 22. Oktober 2018, keine Barzahlungen für Visa-Anträge, Legalisierungen oder die Ausstellung von sonstigen Dokumenten mehr akzeptiert. +++ Ab diesem Tag können Zahlungen entweder per +++ Banküberweisung auf das bekannte Konto der Konsularabteilung +++ oder alternativ per Zahlung mit EC- oder Kreditkarte direkt in der Botschaft erledigt werden. +++ Ausnahmen von dieser Regelung können leider nicht gemacht werden. +++ ++++ A T T E N T I O N ++++ +++ Dear visitors of the Embassy, +++ This is to inform you that from Monday, 22. October 2018, the consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in Berlin, will no longer accept any cash payment for visa application, legalization or issuing of any other document. +++ From this day on, any payment is requested to be made by +++ bank transfer to the known account of the consular section +++ or alternatively through Bank- or Credit Card payment at the Embassy directly. No exception from this regulation can be allowed.

Al Bashir Calls for Promotion of Moderate Islam


President Al Bashir has issued directives for establishment of special training center for the promoting of moderate Islamic rhetoric and teaching to ensure public peace and harmony.
The President called upon clerks and preachers of the teaching of holy Islam to purse the course of moderation in their speeches and address to shun religious-based violence and promote public peace.
While addressing a conference of mosques organized by the Supreme Council for Daawa and Guidance, Al Bashir called for reenergizing the role of religious leaders in support of the national and communal dialogue in aid of stability and development across the board.
For his part, Abdel-Rahim Mohamed Hussein, the Governor of Khartoum, expressed his appreciations for spiritual role by the Islamic leaders nationwide, a role he considered as "key to inculcating moderate thinking" in the country.
During the conference, Sudanese Islamic scholars have submitted a code of ethics to the President, in which they pledged to pursue the course moderate Islam.

Sudan benefits from Doha peace deal KhartoumAlbashirHemed

The Sudanese government said that the success of the Doha Document for Peace in Darfur had positive impacts also on the peace process in Blue Nile and South Kordofan.
A member of the Sudanese negotiating delegation in Blue Nile and South Kordofan Hussein Hamdi said that the Doha Document provided a clear roadmap that made it the core of the peace process in Darfur. He added that the agreement was open to any group that wished to sign it.
He highlighted that the Sudanese government benefited from the wisdom and organisation with which the Doha Document for Peace was negotiated, as it gave the peace process credibility regionally and internationally. He added that the agreement provided the Sudanese government with the opportunity of benefiting from Qatari expertise on the ground. He added that Qatar’s expertise were worthy of following as they were well-principled.

Vice President Directs Conducting Scientific Research on Causes of Cancer Disease

Hassabo1Vice President Hassabo Mohamed Abdelrahman has directed conducting scientific research and surveys to determine the causes of cancer disease and its complications in coordination with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as making available more resources to fund these studies.
The Vice President was addressing the meeting to Review Funding Gaps and Mobilize Resources for the Implementation of Priority Interventions in National Cancer Control Programs of the OIC –IDB-IAEA-WHO Common Member States held in Cornthia Hotel in Khartoum yesterday.
He said that Sudan is committed to the international charters and works to realize the millennium development goals, indicating that the country endeavors to enhance primary health services by the year 2020 and indigenize medical treatment.
The Vice President pointed out that the government has provided 50 types of cancer medicines and it extends free medical treatment to kidney, heart and mycetoma patients besides children under five years of age.
He noted that breast cancer is the most spread type of cancer in Sudan, urging early detection and diagnosis of the disease, calling for transferring the outcome of the meeting into concrete policies and legislations in a view to exchange experiences on combating cancer disease.
Federal Minister of Health Bahr Idris Abu Girda, on his part, affirmed that cancer disease constitutes a great problem for the countries of the world and that its combating is one of the goals of development, noting that 8.8 million persons died in the world in 2016 of the disease, constituting 16% of the total deaths in the world at that year.
The minister pointed out that 70% of cancer deaths in the world occur in the developing countries, adding that the world had spent 1.1 trillion dollars for controlling the disease, indicating that cancer incidents in Sudan range between 11000-13000 cases annually.
He said Sudan has adopted a package of interventions, including integrating services for early detection of cancer disease in the basic health care as well as providing treatment services in eight centers in the states and radio therapy in three centers.
The efforts also included qualifying a number of oncology specialists and making available the necessary equipment for free treatment, the minister said, adding that health insurance coverage for poor families in Sudan will reach 80% this year.
The minister called for providing more financial support to curb the spread of the disease, lauding the contributions of partners, donors, and the national and international organizations in this regard, which are considered as basic partner for combating cancer in Sudan.
Representative of Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank (IDB), Dr. Bashir Eltayeb, on his part, said health is given top priority by the bank in its development support to member states, noting that the bank approved projects amounting to 100 million dollars for a number of countries including Sudan.
Director of Radiation and Isotopes Center Khartoum, Prof. Dafallah Abu Idriss, on his part, spoke of long waiting lists for some surgeries, especially brain cancer surgery, affirming that the services are expanded by adding five new centers, one in Khartoum and four in the states.

UK Endeavors to persuade SPLM-N to accept the US proposal for relief aidPresident Al-Bashir Receives Delegation of United Arab Emirates

AlbashirPresident of the Republic, Omer Al-Bashir, Sunday received at the Guest House a visiting delegation of the United Arab Emirates headed by the General Director of Dubai Courts, Abdul-Gadir Musa, in presence of the Chief Justice, Haidar Ahmed Dafalla, and the Minister of Justice, Awad Al-Hassan Al-Nur.
In a press statement, the General Director of Dubai Courts said that the meeting came in the context of the efforts to strengthen the relations between the two countries in the judicial field and to enhance the exchange of expertise and knowledge between the Judiciaries in Sudan and the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai Emirate.
He appreciated the progress achieved in Sudan Judiciary's work, stressing the importance of the exchange of expertise between the two countries.

Sudan and Egypt: no tolerance for attempts seeking to debase or disgrace any side

Min of Foreign AffThe Sudan and Egypt on Tuesday said they reject any attempt seeking to debase or abuse any of the two countries and their peoples no matter what the circumstances, justifications or reasons, expressing their full appreciation for the history, culture and civilization of each of the two states.
In a joint statement, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Sudan, Professor Ibrahim Ghandour and Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Samih Shukri, stressed in a phone call, Tuesday morning, the need to deal with caution and wisdom with the attempts by some social media users seeking to undermine relations between the countries.
The statement said those social and other media reports were seeking to spur sedition and fan flames of differences between the two countries and their relations, contrary to the solid higher joint interests linking them.
The two ministers are agreed in the phone call, the statement said, that in application of the directives issued by the Higher Political Leaderships of the two countries, the two sides would work together for further cementing bonds of cooperation, solidarity and coordination between the two sides.
It said the two are also equally agreed to work closely in the implementation of the joint Cooperation Programme as approved by the Higher Presidential Committee, chaired by President Omar Hassan Ahmed Al- Bashir of Sudan and President Abdul Fatah Sisi of Egypt, in their most recent meeting in Egypt.
The two ministers are also agreed on the convening of the coming round of Political Consultations Meeting at the level of Foreign minister, in Khartoum during the second half of coming April, 2017.
It said the two ministers also expressed full appreciation and respect for the cultural heritage, history and civilization of each of the two countries.
It said the senior diplomats of the two countries voiced full conviction that the River Nile remains the lifeline that brings closer the people of the Sudan and the people of Egypt, cementing the bonds of brotherhood and joint destiny, over the course of history and that it would remain the source of good, development, stability and progress of the joint vital interests Sudan and Egypt.


Sudan Elected as Deputy Chairman of UN NGOs Committee


Sudan has been elected as Deputy Chairman of the United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations Committee to represent the African Group .
The Second Secretary at the Sudan permanent mission to the UN, Hassan Idris, was elected to fill the position.
The 19-state committee, which includes five African countries, is assigned to look into the application of the NGOs worldwide to be consultant in the UN Economic and Social Council .

World Bank: Sudan could become rich when US sanctions are lifted

CarolynTurk WorldBank

The World Bank Country Director for Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan, Carolyn Turk, said on Monday that Sudan could become a “rich country” after the US sanctions have been lifted, Anadolu reported.
In a statement issued by the Sudanese Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, Turk said that she expected the poor in the country could become “producers.” In January, the US decided to lift its 20-year sanctions on Sudan, but kept the country on the list of “states sponsoring terrorism”. It also maintained military sanctions.
Sudan has been trying to tackle poverty through direct support for a network of social welfare projects in addition to offering a government-run micro- finance project providing small-loans for the poor. The latest official statistic show that 46.4% Sudanese live under poverty line, Anadolu said.
Sudan is one of the few countries which has confirmed reserves of more than 30 minerals, including gold. Last year, the country produced 93.4 tons of gold.
“This is a critical moment for Sudan’s development efforts,” said Turk. “We at the World Bank look forward to supporting Sudan in seizing the opportunities that are now on the horizon,” she added.
Turk also praised the Sudanese cooperation with the World Bank. “We appreciate the openness of the Sudanese authorities to our technical assistance and policy advice and look forward to continuing our dialogue in Washington at the Spring Meetings,” she said.
The World Bank’s Spring meetings discussing Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia and are scheduled to begin from 21th-23rd of next month.

American Charge d'Affaires Inspects American Section at State Library in Port-Sudan


The American Charge d'Affaires to Sudan, Steven Koutsis, has inspected the American section at the State's Library in Port-Sudan in the context of his current visit to the Red Sea State. He affirmed the commitment of Sudan and the United States to provide quality education toward building a prosperous society. He affirmed the American Embassy's readiness to support the State's Library in Port-Sudan.
The American Charge d'Affaires indicated that the American Section is considered a centre for information and enhancing the skills in the English language.
He said that the embassy looks forward for cooperation with the people of east Sudan and establishing partnerships that are helping to the two sides.

Sudan Elected to Arab Parliamentary Union Executive Committee


Sudan has been elected to the membership of the Arab Parliamentary Union Executive Committee along with Bahrain and Egypt .The Deputy Speaker, Ayesh Mohammed Ahmed addressing the 24th meeting of the Arab Union Conference, currently on session in Rabat, Morocco, has affirmed that Sudan witnesses political developments by initiating the National Dialogue .
She lauded the Arab Parliamentary Union stances supporting Sudan represented in rejection of the US sanctions imposed on Sudan, adding that the Union's role had great effect in convincing the US Administration to reconsider its position over the ban imposed on the country .
'The Sudanese people appreciate the stances of the Arab countries which express solidarity , brotherhood and clear keenness to realize peace and stability in Sudan, a matter that , will be reflected, positively, in Sudan's role towards its, regional, international and Arab arenas 'she emphasized .

Deputy Chairman of NC in South Kordofan: Resignation of Al-Helou Affirms the Disturbance Engulfs ranks of the North Sector

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The head of the National Congress of South Kordofan State, Hadi Osman Ando, explained that the resignation of Abdulaziz al-Helu from the leadership of the People's Movement confirms the extent of the disturbance overwhelming the northern sector and the divergence of political positions between its leadership on the issue of peace Noting that these positions led some of the leaders to take positions contrary to what they have been supporting for long periods.
Ando said in a statement to SUNA that the SPLM is back on track because dialogue is the only way to resolve the issues. He added that the continuation of the North Sector and the withdrawal of confidence from its President and Secretary General is a trend towards a positive path leading to a comprehensive peace. (Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile), as well as the awareness of some leaders of South Kordofan in the ranks of the People's Movement and their backing up for the right track and may reveal the methods and conspiracies used by the leaders of the Movement .
The NC official added that the stances of a number of leaders of the northern sector support the government's position in the peace process and supports the positive steps taken by the government regarding the release of 259 POWs .

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