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Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in Berlin

سفارة جمهورية السودان ببرلين

Embassy Working Hours

ساعات العمل بالسفارة 

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Sudan Holidays 2018


Consulate Working Hours

ساعات عمل القسم القنصلي

☎ 0049  30 887 111 60

Mon-Thu:    10:00h  - 14:00h
Friday:       10:00h  - 12:00h

 Very Important هام جداً 

++++ A C H T U N G ++++ +++ Sehr geehrte Besucher der Botschaft, die Botschaft teilt mit, dass die Konsularabteilung der Botschaft der Republik Sudan in Berlin ab Montag, den 22. Oktober 2018, keine Barzahlungen für Visa-Anträge, Legalisierungen oder die Ausstellung von sonstigen Dokumenten mehr akzeptiert. +++ Ab diesem Tag können Zahlungen entweder per +++ Banküberweisung auf das bekannte Konto der Konsularabteilung +++ oder alternativ per Zahlung mit EC- oder Kreditkarte direkt in der Botschaft erledigt werden. +++ Ausnahmen von dieser Regelung können leider nicht gemacht werden. +++ ++++ A T T E N T I O N ++++ +++ Dear visitors of the Embassy, +++ This is to inform you that from Monday, 22. October 2018, the consular section of the Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan in Berlin, will no longer accept any cash payment for visa application, legalization or issuing of any other document. +++ From this day on, any payment is requested to be made by +++ bank transfer to the known account of the consular section +++ or alternatively through Bank- or Credit Card payment at the Embassy directly. No exception from this regulation can be allowed.

Ahmed Saad Affirms State Support to Disseminating Standards Culture in Community

  Ahmed Saad

The Minister of the Cabinet Ministry, Ahmed Saad Omer has affirmed the state attention and support to the Programs of the Sudanese Specifications, Standards and Metrology Organization (SSMO) related to spreading the standards culture and disseminating societal awareness, and the importance of the systems of calibration and standardization, and commitment to quality and specifications towards protecting the consumer and the Sudanese economy. He praised, while addressing yesterday the Creative Forum of Specifications and Standards which was organized by SSMO under the motto We Create Together For Enlightening Consumer, the efforts of SSMO in initiating creative means for the innovators and their contribution in disseminating the culture of standardization in the community, calling on the poets and writers to portray the role of SSMO in poem He has also hailed the role of the press and its attention to shedding the light on issues that serve the community and contribute to raising awareness calling on SSMO to create more partnerships with the creative organizations and the different segments of the community. He directed the different ministries to open their doors for the culture of standardization and demanded SSMO to expand consumer protection programs which will lead to spreading the required awareness in conformity with the cultural references of the Sudanese community.