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US company's technical delegation arrives Sudan to enforce cooperation agreement in gas production

US companys

Nov. 28 . 2017 - The first technical delegation of the American BHGE AGE COMPANY has arrived in the country to arrange for the implementation of the gas cooperation agreement.
The company has completed the procedures that enable it to implement the cooperation agreement, which includes the production of associated, natural and exploitation of discovered gas.
The Minister of Oil and Gas Dr. Abdul-Rahman Osman said that Al-Fula gas was a priority for the production of electricity from the oil associated gas in a number of wells containing natural gas as well as the gas discovered in several areas, pointing to the need to develop an executive action plan in accordance with a certain time frame that enables extraction and development of the gas program.
It is worth mentioning that the company had signed a memorandum of understanding with Asawir Company for the gas production during the activities of the International Petroleum Conference in the United Arab Emirates.